Email Etiquette when Advocating a Cause

Make a lasting impression when taking a stand for or against the causes that matter to you, for all the right reasons...


Today more than ever, people are gathering to take a stand in favour or against matters they consider crucial. Some of those issues revolve around politics; others are related to the environment, or raising awareness social issues.

Whatever the cause, organizations are always on the lookout for new members, and online campaigning is one of their most proficient methods.

Whilst the most part of such a message will appeal to each individual's conscience and will be informal and heartfelt, as you're addressing people of different ages and backgrounds, some degree of formality will be expected.

Structure and Format your Email Carefully

To begin with, don't create a chaotic display of ideas and even though some stand out, avoid a big discrepancy between fonts, as well as using more font colours than necessary. That could make your email difficult to read and confuse the visual focus of the recipient.

It's important for your message to be well structured, because even when people agree with the main issues, only something that inspires credibility and good orderliness will convince someone that you actually have a plan and it would be worth looking into.

Also, don't overdo punctuation; a well written email will not need three exclamation marks at the end of each sentence to be powerful.

Focus on the Facts

Always be respectful and maintain a serious tone. A useful tip would be to focus on the facts you want to expose and the benefits of the person's eventual involvement, rather than to try to induce guilt in case they don't.

Remember many people will be cynical and you've got to prove that you are reliable and, if you're asking for monetary contribution as well, that you're not part of a financial scam. Whilst raising funds might be very important to you, it's best to never condition people joining your cause by that.

Curb Your Aggression, and Disarm Tension

When trying to get people to adhere to your political stance, what you definitely shouldn't do is be aggressive. You want your message to be perceived as solemn and consistent, so the last thing you want to do is refer to those who think differently by using obscene or vexing words; also, people who use defamation and even calumny to strengthen their political arguments will not go far.

What is just as important, in case you receive less than cordial emails from those who disagree with your perspective, don't respond with a similar reply, if you want to keep your good name. Remember your emails can easily be forwarded, and that people often have moderate views, so you will not win them over by using an overbearing tone.

Always Proofread Your Messages

Impeccable spelling and grammar is essential in order to show that you are not an amateur. The form of your email is just as important as the content. And although there are surely many things you want to bring up, you should summarize as much as you can, in order to ensure that your email won't be deleted because of its length.

And lastly, a word of advice for those who have fallen into the extremist trap and plan on spreading hateful, discriminatory, racist propaganda don't. Get a life.


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