Other Questions and Answers

Answers to questions we frequently receive from site visitors...

1. I found an outdated listing or a dead link on your site. What should I do?
Please go to the Submitting a Site page and use the contact link at the bottom of the page to report the problem. Thank you for helping to keep this site up to date!

2. I would like to exchange reciprocal links with EmailAddresses.com
We receive many such requests, and each time the answer is the same: if you find this site useful, please consider linking to it on its own merits. If you operate a free email or other service that meets this site's listing criteria, please go to the Submitting a Site page and submit your site. We are unfortunately unable to respond to other types of linking request.

3. Do you have lists of email addresses for direct sales? Can you help me build such a list?
We are not in the list-building business; our focus is on email services. If you are interested in email marketing using a permission-based email list, we recommend that you visit Email Marketing Reports, the definitive site on the topic.

4. Will you advertise EmailAddresses.com on our site?
We do not have a budget for advertising on 3rd party sites.

5. How can I find the email address of a friend or relative?
There's a useful guide right here on this site.

6. I have a specific question about...
We sadly lack the resources to answer individual questions. All information we can provide is already listed on this site... You may find that the members of the Email Discussion Forums will be able to help you solve your email-related issue.


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