Free Online Bookmark Managers

These tools let you store, save and manage your bookmarks online, and access your list of favorite sites from any web browser.


This site lets you track pages that you are interested in (or even keep track of everywhere you surf). Your selected pages are presented in a Yahoo!-style directory that you can order as you like, plus you are presented with a list of your top-10 most popular pages that updates every time you use Backflip, so that you can quickly go to your favorite sites. Webmasters can add a simple Backflip button to their sites to make it easy for Backflip users to record their URL.


Elegantly presented online bookmark manager with support for multiple folders and subfolders to keep your links tidy, as well as statistics to keep track of your last- and most-used bookmarks. The service also includes a built-in Contacts Manager and a biorhythm chart.


Very clean-looking bookmark storage service. You can store your favourite bookmarks into multiple folders, set up individual bookmark lists for different family members and choose whether to make your bookmarks public or keep them private. An interesting "tour" option allows people viewing your bookmark list to visit each site on the list in turn, giving them an idea of what your interests are.


LinkAGoGo is an extremely powerful online bookmark manager with a wealth of features. You can build up your bookmark list and view it by folder or directory, and you can combine bookmarks, graphics and web pages into your own custom homepage. You can set up different homepages for different situations, such as a work-related and a personal homepage. LinkAGoGo allows you to import and export bookmarks from Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, MSN Explorer, AOL PFC's (import only), Lynx, and it also supports the XBEL format used by some Linux browsers. You can also use the LinkAGoGo service to convert between many different bookmark formats, for instance to convert Netscape Bookmarks into Opera format.


Bookmark manager with "Explorer"-type interface that will let you archive public and private lists of bookmarks, as well as import bookmarks from Netscape, IE and Opera.


You can store your favourite bookmarks online, and use them from any browser. You can import your existing bookmark file to get you started. Bookmart lists can be private, or public (allowing others to explore your list of favourite sites.)


Very fast site that enables users to create extremely attractive bookmark lists. These lists can be shared with other users, who can grab a bookmark or group of bookmarks and add them to their own bookmark list. "Grabbed" bookmarks are always kept in sync with the originals, so that if these originals are edited the copies reflect the changes.


Sophisticated online bookmark manager that comes with a client-side tool that you can download in order to quickly add bookmarks to your MyVmarks account by right-clicking on them. The MyVmarks bookmark hierarchy appears in a column to the left of the browser window, meaning that you can continue to browse while still having access to your bookmarks.

Online Favorites

Online bookmark manager in the form of a Web applet that lets you easily file your links into hierarchical folders. There is a WAP version of this service available if you want to access your bookmarks on the move.

Save Your Links

Elegant bookmark management service which enables you to maintain a public or private list of the sites you use most frequently.


Spurl is an advanced bookmark management system that enables users to annotate stored bookmarks and even store a complete archive copy of a webpage alongside the bookmark (these are represented as thumbnail images within each detailed Spurl record). The archived pages can be searched using Spurl's full-text search tools. Spurl can also recommend pages to visit based on the aggregate behaviour of other Spurl users.

Yahoo! Bookmarks

Easy to use bookmark storage facility, with multiple folders and other options. An integrated part of the MyYahoo! family of free services.


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