Large Email Directories

These sites contain listings for millions of people and email addresses

people search by Spokeo

411 Locate E-mail Lookup

411 Locate enables you to search for email addresses based on first and last name, or on phone number and area code, and you can also do reverse email searches to find out the contact address associated with a particular email account. offers a comprehensive free email lookup service. The site also offers a Business Finder to help locate companies, reverse email address and zip-code lookup tools, and other search tools.

Bigfoot Email Search


Trying to do a bit of everything, InfoSpace has email addresses, business listings, weather forecasts, shopping and more...


Directory of toll-free numbers (800 and 888), with several hundred thousand listings.

My Email Address Is

Not a search engine in itself, but this site provides a simple front-end to a number of the leading email directory services.


Queries 8 large directories in parallel and combines the results.



Yahoo! People Search

You can carry out email searches armed with as little information as a last name, or you can refine your search by specifying a first name or a location.


Free Email Address Directory