Specialist Email Directories

These email directories focus on a specific profession or interest group

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Australian Medical E-Mail Address Book

Email addresses for thousands of Australia-based medical practitioners

ClassMates Online

Find old friends with this alumni database covering over 27 thousand high schools, mainly in the USA and Canada.


Track down people who have changed their email addresses by using this directory, which collects current and previous email addresses.

Jewish Email Directory

Specialized directory for Jewish people; includes links to the best Jewish content sites.

Pi Kappa Alpha International Email Directory

Rocket Scientist Private Email Reserve

A directory of workers in the Aerospace industry.

Sky Adventures Pilot E-Mail Address Book

A directory of email addresses of airplane and glider pilots.

UK Taxation Directory

Online directory of UK-based tax professionals.

WEDA -- The Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists

World Alumni Net

Thousands of alumni from colleges and universities all over the world.

Zoological E-Mail Directory


Free Email Address Directory