Free Search Engine Services

Free search engines that you can install to search your own site


FusionBot's free search engine service will index up to 250 pages of your site. The site you specified will be reindexed each month. You can extend the service to include multiple sites, PDF document indexing and remove the banner ads by joining one of the 4 tiers of for-fee service.

Gigablast Site Search

Gigablast offers two types of site search. One uses Gigablast's main index, taking advantage of the material Gigablast has already spidered. The other, site search, requires each URL to be manually uploaded for indexing, but gives greater control over what is being searched. It's possible to retrieve the results in XML for greater customization.

Google Websearch

Google Websearch enables you to make use of the information spidered by Google to set up a search box that will search your site, Google results, or a combination of both. You can customize the results to integrate more closely with your own site, or even add your logo to the results page.


PicoSearch lets you very easily add a search engine to your site. It spiders your content on a regular basis and displays the results of any search. The free service is limited to displaying the results in a default format but otherwise is fully-functional. Two paid options allow for a total redesign of the results pages based on templates, so that they match the look and feel of your site, as well as the removal of PicoSearch advertising.

WebSideStory Express Search

Free search engine tool for indexing and searching sites with 750 pages or less. The results can be customized to integrate with the rest of the site. Premium service levels allow for the removal of ads, and for extended search capabilities.


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