The Mailto Encoder Tool

An uncannily effective weapon for any webmaster battling against spam

If you own a site on the web, you're practically guaranteed to get spammed, right? This conventional wisdom has held true for a long time; with the proliferation of automatic "spambot" programs that suck the email addresses out of every site they visit, it is usually only a matter of days between the launch of your site and your first spam.

There is an effective solution to the problem. It's free, easy to implement and - most importantly - it works! I have been using it on several of my sites for several years, and receive virtually no spam at all at the protected addresses.

The service is provided by the good folks at SiteUp Internet Promotions. All you need to do is enter your email address in the box below. You will receive an email with a specially encoded email address. Cut and paste the code for this special email address into your own site (making sure you copy it EXACTLY as it is sent to you), and you'll be protected from spam.

How it works: Mailto Encoder introduces codes that spambots will "choke" on, but which a normal mailing program ignores. Therefore people can still send you email but spammers can't get your address!

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E-mail Anti-SPAM Encoder

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