Disposable Email Mailboxes: Beat Spam with a Temporary Email Address

Worried about who you're giving your email address out to? Need an email address to sign up on a website you don't really care about? Then why not create a temporary disposable email account from one of these providers and shield your real email address from prying eyes!

10 Minute Mail

As the name implies, 10 Minute Mail lets you create email mailboxes that survive for 10 minutes before being automatically deleted. You can extend the life of your mailbox by an extra 10 minutes if needed by clicking on a link within it. You can reply to incoming emails, and forward them to an alternate email address.


Deagot provides disposable email addresses that expire after 60 minutes. During that time, you're able to both read and reply to incoming emails. You can leave your browser window open to check for incoming emails, or use the RSS feed associated with each mailbox.


Dispostable lets you set up an instant mailbox, which you can access via the site's homepage or by visiting a mailbox-specific URL, which is handy if you want to make it really easy for your friends to access the mails in it. You can download emails that you want to keep as an EML format file.


FakeInbox gives you a random email address that lets you receive emails, delete them or reply to them. Email accounts expire after 60 minutes, and an on-screen timer counts down the remaining time. An RSS feed of incoming messages is also provided, and the web interface is available in 7 languages.


GuerrillaMail lets you create email accounts that live for just 60 minutes. During that time, you can use your new account to receive emails (there's no password on the account, though) and after that it's automatically destroyed.


Jetable lets you set up a temporary email forwarding address which will work for one hour, one day, one week or one month. Emails sent to your temporary email address will be forwarded to your actual email address. Note that this is not an anonymous service, as all information is logged.


MailCatch lets you create anonymous, disposable email mailboxes. You can create the mailbox on the fly just by specifying an email address @mailcatch.com, and then check your email by visiting the homepage. You can also access your mailbox as an RSS feed, or via a custom URL.


MailExpire lets you set up an email alias that lasts anywhere from 12 hours to 3 months. Unlike most similar services, MailExpire requires an existing, valid email address during the signup process. This is because MailExpire acts as an email forwarder, redirecting all incoming emails to your existing email account.


Create an email address on the fly just by emailing somebody@mailinator.com - there's no registration or signup required. Of course, that also means that the email address you've created isn't password protected, but Mailinator offers an alternate email address that's twinned with your disposable one so that you can give out one but check the other.

Mint Email

Mint Email provides temporary email addresses that last for 3 hours. All incoming emails that arrive during this timeframe will be automatically displayed on your personalised homepage.


MyTrashMail provides temporary email accounts that can accept emails up to 2MB each (4MB limit per account). You can forward or delete incoming emails, as well as read them via the website. Older emails automatically get deleted when the storage limit on the account is reached to make way for the latest messages.


SoodoNims provides a sophisticated disposable email address which can be customised to provide an unlimited number of sub-addresses. Individual sub-addresses can be controlled in many ways, including setting a fixed maximum number of incoming email messages, an expiration date, a maximum number of separate senders, and various other control options.


SpamEx offers disposable email addresses that forward incoming messages to your real email account. When you reply to a message that was forwarded through the system, the email header gets rewritten to protect the privacy of your actual email address. You can set up multiple disposable email addresses pointed to a single regular email account, and turn these on and off at will. The service is free for the first 30 days.


SpamSpot provides unlimited free, no signup public email addresses. There's no concept of a mailbox as such - emails sent to any @spamspot.com email address get automatically posted to the site's homepage for everyone to read. As such, there's literally zero privacy.


TempEmail provides simple disposable email addresses with no signup required. Email messages and accounts are deleted after 14 days.

Temp Inbox

Free receive-only throwaway email accounts that are generated on the fly by the act of sending an email to an email address @tempinbox.co.uk. You can check for incoming emails via the web, or through an Atom or RSS feed.


Set up a free email forwarding account that lasts anywhere from a day to several months. The free service expires after the 10th email has been forwarded, but you can pay for the Plus service which gives you a higher quota and lets you keep the new email account active for longer.

Why Spam Me?

Why Spam Me provides free email forwarding accounts tied to any specific website. That way, you can keep track of exactly which emails that website sent you, and whether they resold your email address to others. You can cancel the email address associated with a particular website at any time.


YopMail lets you set up a free temporary email address with the username of your choice. Messages are kept for 8 days unless you delete them sooner. There's a choice of domain names, and you can also set up an email alias so that you keep your actual YopMail account private.


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