Free POP3 Email Services

POP3 email services store your mail on a server, ready for you to retrieve using an email client such as Outlook Express or Eudora.

1-2-Free Email [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP]

1-2-Free ISP is a UK-based free dial up internet provider. Subscribers are given a free email account with anti-Spam and anti-virus filters, and unlimited aliases and email forwarding. To keep their email account active, members must use their free 0845 dial up number at least once a month.

AniMail [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

Storage: 7.5GB
Attachments: 20MB
Free, web-based email service powered by Gmail, with virus protection, Spam filters, auto responders, email forwarding, and a multi-lingual interface with over 40 languages to choose from. AniMail raises money for various Animal and Wildlife Non-Profit Partners through advertising, sponsorship, and their paid email accounts which offer a much larger choice of domain names.

Care2 [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP]

Storage: 100MB
Care2 is a certified B Corporation whose ethos is to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Users collect credits, funded by responsible advertising, which can be redeemed for a choice of good causes. Sending emails earns credits, as does using Care2 for web searches, starting or signing a petition, or sending a Care2 eCard.

Gawab [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

Storage: 10GB
Attachments: 50MB
Free web based email service with optional SMS notification. Customisation options include a choice of 14 different languages and 15 individual themes, while other features include additional aliases, email tracking, anti-Spam and virus protection, a calendar and address book.

Gmail [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

Storage: 7.5GB
Attachments: 25MB
Gmail has risen to become one of the most popular free email providers. Powered by Google, their email service includes virus protection, Spam filters, auto responders, email forwarding, and a multi-lingual interface with over 40 languages to choose from. They also offer 'Gmail Mobile' for WAP access from compatible mobile devices, and designed a new mailbox layout specifically for iPad users.

GMX Mail [WEB] [POP3] [IMAP]

Domains:,,,,,,,,,, and more
Storage: 5GB
Attachments: 50MB
Free web-based email with seven anti-Spam modules and strong anti-virus protection. Members are also given 2GB of online file storage, can use the Mail Collector to check and sort external email accounts, and can create and track appointments with the GMX Organiser. GMX welcomes member feedback and suggestions, and are constantly developing and expanding their services.

Lavabit [WEB] [POP3]

Storage: 128MB or 1GB
Attachments: 32MB or 64MB
POP3 email service focusing on speed and security, with virus protection and anti-Spam features. Paid service levels add more storage space, support for advanced spam filtering and protection, and more.

LPEmail [WEB] [POP3]

Storage: 10MB
Attachments: 1MB
Free POP3 and web-based email service with sophisticated anti-Spam protection, including whitelist, blacklist and keyphrase options. Note that you will receive a "daily devotional" email in your LPEmail account.

Mac GUI City [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP]

Storage: 1GB
Attachments: 10MB
Free email from Mac GUI, a website dedicated to the Apple Macintosh and all things related, including news, reviews, forums, themes and widgets. As well as a 1GB mailbox, subscribers to the Mac GUI 'City' can publish their 'iCal' calendar, send eCards, share up to 400MB of photos, and create a personal website with FTP access. NB: to activate email, members need to log in and access the Preferences page, and then click the Web Services link.

SAFe-mail [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

Storage: 3MB
Attachments: limited to 10 per email
SAFe-mail offers a secure and user-friendly communication system, which includes a free email service with powerful encryption designed for maximum security and privacy. This secure email facility also protects the integrity of any email attachments. Features include IMAP/POP3 support as well as web-based access to email accounts and outgoing SMTP support, address books with secure sharing facility (to transmit address books between SAFe-mail users), folders and sub-folders for sorting email, instant messaging, secure message boards and online document storage space. Premium versions of the SAFe-mail service extend the available storage space.

VFEmail [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

Storage: 50MB
Free email service with web-based access, POP3 and IMAP support, plus SMTP service for outgoing email. VFEmail's security scans all incoming email and attachments for viruses and Spam before they reach the inbox, and potential viruses are blocked at the gateway. Their Web 2.0 based email client also includes an address book, which can be shared with other VFEmail users. The storage and monthly bandwidth quotas are both fixed at 50MB for free users, though premium upgrades are available.

WebMail [WEB] [POP3]

Storage: 1GB
Attachments: 10MB
Free email service based in South Africa. Members also have access to 10GB of free file storage, video and voice messaging, SMS messaging, and can have faxes sent to their inbox. Members must log into the website at least once every three months to keep their account active.


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