Free Internet Providers in Argentina

Get online for free in Argentina (local call rates may apply)


Free dialup internet access in Capital Federal, Gran Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Rosario, and La Plata y Pilar.


Free internet access across Argentina (for the price of a local call if you live in the coverage area of this service, otherwise you'll have to pay long-distance phone charges). You'll also get a free web-based email account.

Free internet access at V92 speeds, with local numbers in 24 cities. No registration is required to use the service. Also included is a free email account with 20MB of storage and POP3/SMTP.


Free internet access at local call rates within the Buenos Aires area. Supports upto 56K analog connections.

ClickClick Dialup

Free dialup internet with local access numbers across most major towns and cities. No contract required.


Free dialup internet access using local access numbers covering a wide range of major towns and cities.


Free dialup internet service across several major cities, with 24 hour online support. Service also includes a free email account with POP3/webmail access.


Free internet access in many major cities across Argentina. All you pay is the telephone charges - Tutopia supplies software that can help you track exactly how long you're connected and how much the call will cost you. POP3 and web-based email are also included.

Yahoo! Conexion

Free internet access in Buenos Aires and other major cities. No signup required. Dialler software available, as well as manual configuration instructions.

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