Free Internet Providers in Austria

Get online for free in Austria (local call rates may apply)

AonFlash Easy

Free internet access service with no monthly fee. All you pay is the per-minute phone charge. Premium packages are available at different hourly levels, offering a discount compared to the same number of minutes paid on a per-minute basis. Service includes webmail with 5 addresses, and 10MB of storage space for setting up a homepage.

eTel Surf Private

Free internet access for the price of a local call, at analog and ISDN dialup speeds. Service includes 10 email addresses and 15MB of free webspace.


Service offering free WLAN wireless access from hundreds of hotspots at cafes and other business establishments across Austria

UTA Easy Internet Flex

Free internet access at dialup analog and ISDN speeds for a low per-minute rate. Option to pay double the per-minute rate for 2 channel 128K ISDN. POP3 email account with 10MB of storage, spam and virus filtering and 5 aliases, 10MB of web hosting space, free SMS service.

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