Free Internet Providers in Canada

Get online for free in Canada (local call rates may apply)

National Capital FreeNet

Community-run internet service with access points in Ottawa and Kanata, and connection speeds up to 56K. The service is free, though users are asked to make a small monthly contribution in cash or volunteer time. Other services include web hosting and email accounts.

Toronto Free-Net

Non-profit community internet service in the Toronto area. Free accounts are meant for very light use by people unable to pay a modest amount for longer access and more features. Free sessions are limited to a maximum of 10 minutes per session, and 20 minutes per day, and there are several paid service levels that extend these limits. Free web hosting with 500kb of storage space and an email account are also available.

Vancouver Community Network

The Vancouver Community Network offers free dialup internet access in the Greater Vancouver area, at 33.6K and 56K speeds. The service is available Monday through Friday, from 6pm to 6am. You must present ID to set up a dialup account, and the setup process will take approx. 1 week. Free email accounts also offered.

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