Free Internet Providers in Chile

Get online for free in Chile (local call rates may apply)

Entel Internet

Entel Internet provides a simple free internet service at 56Kbps speeds - no contracts or software to download, instead users simply need to dial the access number and enter the supplied username/password. The only charge is a per-minute local-rate phone charge (the exact rate depends on which local phone company you are using).


Free dialup internet service (free connectivity limited to 100 minutes).

iia Free

Free dialup internet access. You pay a local call charge, plus a per-minute surcharge for every minute you're online.

Keko Max5

Free dialup internet access with a single number to call from across Chile. Includes an "accelerator" software package that is meant to improve the connection speed.


Free dialup internet access at up to 56Kbps, all you pay for is the phone call. Also offers "accelerator" software that is supposed to speed up the connection.


Terra's LIBRE plan offers unlimited free internet access across Chile - all you pay for is a local phone call. NOTE: Terra is partnered with several phone companies; you must be a customer of one of these companies (see website for list) in order to use the service since the call charges will be added to your bill.

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