Free Internet Providers in France

Get online for free in France (local call rates may apply)


France-wide free internet access for the price of a local call, plus unlimited email accounts which are accessible via the web, or via POP3 and IMAP, plus 15MB of storage space for your homepage.

Free internet access for the price of a local call at V.92 analog and 64K/128K ISDN speeds, plus unlimited email addresses and 10GB space for building your website. No "connection kit" is required, so the service can be used with just about any operating system


This very fast site offers free internet service, unlimited email addresses, web hosting space, and access to a wide range of USENET newsgroups. Supports various connection speeds upto V90 and ISDN. Compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows.


Free internet access across the whole of France, with access billed based on connection time. Unlimited email storage, virus scanning, anti-spam filtering, and web hosting space.


Free internet access at local rates across metropolitan France, plus an email account with 20MB of storage space.

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