Free Internet Providers in Italy

Get online for free in Italy (local call rates may apply)


Free internet access for the price of a local call. Includes 56K analog and 64K ISDN access and a free email account with 5MB of storage space.


Aruba is a free internet service provider that offers "single-number" access to the internet anywhere in Italy, at local rates. Users can connect at 56K and 64K ISDN speeds, and are given a web email account with a 50MB storage quota.

Libero Infostrada

Libero offers free internet access at local telephone rates from anywhere in Italy at 56K and ISDN speeds up to 128Kbps, as well as a free email account with 1GB of storage and antivirus/antispam filtering, and 150MB of disk space for building your web site.

Micso FreeNET

Free internet access with single number connectivity across the whole of Italy, email mailbox with spam and virus filtering, and 100MB of space for a personal homepage.

Tiscali Internet Senza Canone

Free dialup internet access at 56K and 64K ISDN speeds, plus 10GB email mailbox, and 20MB of storage space for a free webpage.

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