Free Internet Providers in Spain

Get online for free in Spain (local call rates may apply)


Free internet access, including 64K ISDN connectivity. 4 email mailboxes with 10MB of storage each, and POP3/Webmail access. 30MB of web hosting space, with FTP access. Free 24x7 support by telephone and email.


Free internet access in the Asturias region of Spain. Service also includes 2 email accounts and 10MB of free web hosting for a personal site.


Free internet access at the cost of a local call.


Free internet access at 56K and ISDN (64K and 128K) speeds. All you pay for is a local call. The service includes a free email account with POP3/SMTP. Website is in English, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Italian and German.


Free dialup internet service with single number access from all across Spain.

Open For You

Free dialup internet service that supports 56Kbps access and 64K ISDN access, and which also allows access at higher ISDN speeds (128, 256 etc.) at a multiple of the per-minute call rate depending on the number of ISDN channels in use.


Free internet access, including RTB/RDSI access, email mailbox, and 5MB of hosting service for a personal homepage.


Wanadoo offers free internet access across spain for the cost of a local call. The service supports 56K analog and 64K ISDN speeds, and includes an email account with 30MB of storage space, and 50MB of space for your personal homepage.

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