Free Internet Providers in Sweden / Gratis Internetuppkoppling

Get online for free in Sweden (local call rates may apply)

Calypso Modem Light

Free dialup internet access from across Sweden - all you pay for is the phonecall at your normal callrate.

Delta Connect

Free internet service via modem, ISDN or GSM.


Free dial-up internet access via a local phone number from across Sweden. Supports 56Kbps modem and 64K ISDN speeds. Outgoing SMTP service for sending email.


You can connect to the internet free from any part of Sweden - all you pay is local telephone rates. The service supports 56K analog, and 64K and 128K (dual) ISDN connection speeds.


Free dialup internet at V.90/V.92 speeds, and at 64K and 128K ISDN speeds.

Tele2 Internet Start

Free pay as you surf dialup internet access at 56Kbps and at 64K ISDN speeds. Free email account with 5 mailboxes and 25MB of storage, plus 10MB of hosting space for a personal homepage.

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