Free Internet Providers in Switzerland

Get online for free in Switzerland (local call rates may apply)

CityWLAN Koeniz

Swisscom is offering up to 60 minutes a month of free wireless internet access (WLAN) in certain parts of the center of the city of Koeniz (see website for coverage map).

EconoPhone Dial-Up

Free internet access at local rates, plus 99 minutes of totally free access (from 22:00 to 23:39 each day) You can get access to this service by changing your telephone provider to EconoPhone.


Free dialup internet access internet - all you pay for is the phone call.

Sunrise Free Internet

Free internet access provider where you only pay for a local call, with connection speeds upto V.90 (56K). There are various limits on when and for how long you can surf for free - read the terms and conditions carefully for details.

Swisscom DSL Start

Pay as you go DSL internet access with no monthly costs. You simply pay for every hour you are online. Service limited to 300Kbps download and 100Kbps upload.


Simple free internet service with a central access number. You pay only for the call.

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