Free Internet Providers in the UK

Get online for free in the UK (local call rates may apply)

Abel Gratis

Free internet access for the price of a local call, with unlimited web-based email accounts, 50MB of storage space for your homepage, and access to cgi-scripts, e-commerce software and a secure server. Various for-fee service upgrades are available. provides UK-wide 0845 pay as you go internet access, plus 10MB of email storage, and 50MB of web hosting space. Dialup

Free internet connectivity with no setup or monthly charges - you simply pay for the local call. SMTP access for outgoing email. No cutoffs - stay connected for as long as you like. Supports analog and ISDN dialup connections.


Free 0844 Internet access for the cost of a local call - cheaper than normal 0845 access. Includes an SMTP server to send out e-mails, no time limits, no signup fees and telephone-based technical support.- stay connected for as long as you like. Supports analog and ISDN dialup connections.


Free ISP that lets you access the Internet at V.90 and ISDN speeds for the cost of a local call. Supports Windows 9x, WinNT and Macintosh


Free Internet access for the price of a 0845 local call (calls to support are 10p per minute). The service supports 56K V90/92 dialup access and both 64K and 128K ISDN access. Includes unlimited POP3 accounts and email aliases, plus 50MB of hosting space for a website.


The UK free internet access market just cranked up to a higher performance level! FreeWire offers free access at up to 2-channel ISDN rates, plus 50MB of free web space with your own subdomain of, and unlimited free email addresses! All you pay for is a local call, and tech support is available when you need it at 50p/minute.


i12 offers free internet access at local rates, at speeds up to V90 analog and both 64K and 128K ISDN connectivity. The service comes with generous additional features including a huge 800MB of web space for building your site, and unlimited POP3 email accounts and email aliases.

Free 0845 number-based internet access at local call rates from across the UK. No cutoff limits. Analog dialup, 64K IDSN and 128K dual ISDN speeds. Access to SMTP server for outgoing email. No signup required.


LineISP offers free dialup and ISDN internet access (local call charges apply), plus 25MB of storage to build your homepage, a USENET newsgroup feed, unlimited email aliases, POP3 email, autoresponders and more.

Mad As A Fish

Pay as you go dialup internet access (supports analogue and 64K ISDN connections) with 100MB of webspace, and webmail with spam filtering and virus protection. Also gives access to over 110,000 USENET newsgroups.


Free UK-based email and internet access service via a local call. Ad-supported via banners and ads in your mailbox. You can get ad-free service for 30 pounds per year.


Free internet access for the price of a standard local call. The service includes access to 55,000+ USENET newsgroups, unlimited email addresses and 5MB of web space for personal and non-commercial use.


Free Internet access, 5MB of web space, unlimited email aliases, support for V.90 and ISDN speeds and local call access from anywhere in the UK.


Free internet access in the UK (at BT national phone rate). Service includes 1 free POP-mail account and also a free website if desired.


The British supermarket chain is offering free internet access with a donation going to charity. The service offers unlimited email addresses, 20MB of web space and free telephone support.

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