Free Internet Providers in the USA

Get online for free in the USA (local call rates may apply)


Free internet access with no monthly fee; connections are charged at 1c per minute or less across the lower 48 states of the US, and Canada. International dialup access is available at higher per-minute rates. Users must purchase prepaid blocks of minutes from $20 and up, but minutes do not expire.

Free dial-up internet access in the Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island regions, provided by G4 Communications as a way to soak up spare capacity and advertise their company's services. You must have Caller ID turned on to access this service.


MetConnect provides free dialup access to the Internet to households in the NYC area code.


Free Internet access in Puget Sound and many communities in Western Washington. This service doesn't show ads, but charges $10 per support call.


Free internet access with connection points all across the US. The free service offers 10 hours of access each month, and a webmail account is included in the package. You can extend the number of hours by upgrading to the premium service level.


Nyx provides Unix shell accounts, usenet newsgroup access, email, webspace and access to Unix programming tools. Their service is open to non-commercial users, with dialup 56K access available in the Denver, Colorado area.

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