Polish Free Email Providers

The following providers offer their services in Polish


This site offers free URL forwarding of the form domain.w.pl or domain.z.pl

Friko [POP] [WEB]

Interia [WEB] [POP]

@interia.pl, @poczta.fm
Free email with no storage limits, POP3 and Web access, the ability to download emails from up to 10 external POP3 mailboxes, anti-virus filtering and more...

Krakowski Komercyjny Internet [POP]

Odeon [WEB] [POP]

Free email with 100MB of storage and both web and POP3 access, as well as outgoing SMTP service

Polbox [WEB] [POP]




Free email with 3GB of storage, web and POP3 access, and outgoing SMTP support


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