Portuguese Free Email Providers

The following providers offer their services in Portuguese

BaseMail [WEB]



Brazil Mail [WEB]

Free email service with 4MB of storage space.

Clix [WEB]

Free email service with 5MB of storage space, plus a spell-checker.

Email.com.br [FORWARDING]

@email.com.br, carioca.net, recife.net and over 50 other names
Free email service that offers various forwarding options including forwarding to multiple accounts, forwarding to a pager or mobile phone and virus checking.


@freemail.globalsite.com.br, @profession.freemail.com.br
Free email accessible in multiple ways, with 3MB of storage space. Note that you can only send attachments if you are using the POP option (accessing your mail via a software package)

FortuneCity [SPECIAL]

20MB free space to build your homepage


Free web-based and POP3 email service, plus unlimited free space for hosting your website.

Loja.net [WEB]

Note that you can sign up with Loja.net to offer free email via your own site.

Luso [WEB]

Free email service with 6MB of storage space, filtering, spam protection and 4 clustered servers for added reliability.

LusoWeb [WEB] [POP]


Mail.pt [WEB]

Free email with 5MB for storage. Messages are deleted after 90 days if you don't read them.

MailBR [WEB]

mailbr.com.br and many subdomains

MegaMail [WEB]


O Site [WEB]

Free email service powered by USA.net

PortugalMail [WEB]

@portugalmail.pt, portugalmail.com

Sapo.pt [WEB]

Free email powered by Mail.pt

Starmedia Mail [WEB] [SPECIAL]

Offers free email with filtering, multi-folder support etc. as well as 25MB of free web space in which to build your homepage. This space is ad-free and you do not have to display any banners. You can upload data via a web browser or an FTP program.

TugaMail [WEB] [POP] [SPECIAL]

Free email service with 20MB of storage space, accessible via web, POP3 and WAP. Includes autoresponders, a spellchecker, anti-virus and anti-spam filters.

ZipMail [WEB]


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