Spanish Free Email Providers

The following providers offer their services in Spanish

Advance Freemail [WEB]
Free email service from very elegant site.

Canal 21 [WEB]
Free email on an elegant site with a very annoying intro page which basically takes over your browser completely.

Infosel [WEB]

LatinMail [WEB] [WEB] and dozens of other domain names
Free email service from very fast site, with dozens of domain names to choose from!

MixMail [WEB]

Service powered by HanMail

Montevideo [POP]
Signup form seems to indicate this service is limited to residents of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Free web based email with 5MB of storage, spam filtering and email forwarding option.

Personales [WEB]

Free web based email, plus 15MB of free hosting space, counters, forums, guestbooks, web organizer and more. [WEB]
Free web based email

QuePasa! [WEB]

UOLmail [WEB] [POP]
Free web-based and POP email service (but does not support outgoing SMTP service). Offers support for attachments, distribution lists, folders, an address book and more...

Yupimail [Web]


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