What Can You Do With Free Email?

Things to do with your free email account

Break through firewalls

Quick! Is your IT Manager reading this over your shoulder? I am going to share an "open" secret about free email services: you can generally use a web-based free email service to send mail even if your company's firewall has disabled the email package in your browser. And if you want to check your home email account while at your desk, any one of the Check POP mail services can help.

Stay anonymous

If you need to be anonymous, for instance if you visit a support site (Alcohol abuse, counseling etc.) you can safely hide behind the concealing curtain of free email. If you choose a new identity totally unrelated to your real name (John Smith becomes 123ABC) then nobody will be able to find out who you are. Several services also specialize in keeping your identity a secret. [NOTE: This protective curtain can be ripped away if a court order is issued, so don't think you can hide behind a free email address to run a scam or trade in illegal goods or pornography.]

A hotline for friends and family

If you are tired of finding your email inbox filled with junk, why not sign up for a free email address, and keep the address secret. Give it only to close friends and family... that way they'll be able to get in touch with you immediately!

Keep your email mailbox free of spam

If you own a website, you'll soon find that you get deluged with spam (junk) email every time you try to promote your site on a discussion list, USENET newsgroup, free-for-all list etc. The solution? Use a "disposable" free email address when promoting your site. That way, you keep your normal email address clean and relatively spam-free for everyday use.


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