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Email accounts that you access via a web browser

OperaMail [WEB] [IMAP]

Domains: and over 50 other domains from FastMail
Storage: 25MB
Attachments: 10MB
Free email powered by FastMail. Features include a spellchecker, address book, external POP3, WAP and HotMail email retrieval, basic Spam protection and virus scanning. Offers 25MB of storage at the free level, plus a number of annual membership levels giving access to POP3/SMTP, more storage space, additional aliases and many other features.

PrivacyHarbor [WEB]

Storage: 500MB
Attachments: 10MB
PrivacyHarbor offers private, secure email. Their free 'Basic' package allows members to send unlimited private emails, plus up to 60 common, unsecured messages per month. Their service is ad-free, and comes with SnapGuard pre-inbox filters for anti-Spam and virus protection, personal folders and an address book, and the option of adding eBusiness cards to emails. Additionally, members can download the handy PirvacyHarbor 'Beacon' desktop email notifier.

RediffMail [WEB]

Storage: unlimited
Attachments: 20MB
Web-based email offered by a massive India-related English-language site. As well as unlimited storage space and Spam protection, their free service allows users to email in 11 different Indian languages with a predictive text translator tool. Members must log in at least once a year to keep their account active. A fee option is also available, giving access to larger attachments, a 30MB file storage briefcase, POP3 access and SMS services.

SAFe-mail [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

Storage: 3MB
Attachments: limited to 10 per email
SAFe-mail offers a secure and user-friendly communication system, which includes a free email service with powerful encryption designed for maximum security and privacy. This secure email facility also protects the integrity of any email attachments. Features include IMAP/POP3 support as well as web-based access to email accounts and outgoing SMTP support, address books with secure sharing facility (to transmit address books between SAFe-mail users), folders and sub-folders for sorting email, instant messaging, secure message boards and online document storage space. Premium versions of the SAFe-mail service extend the available storage space.

Shtrudel M@il [WEB]

Domains:,,,,, and over 50 other domain names
Storage: 5GB
Attachments: 10MB
Free web-based email with a generous 5GB mailbox, and an extra 2GB of file storage. Features include mail filters and Spam key, 5 flexible aliases, POP3 access to external email accounts, calendar and sticky notes, and a customisable, multi-language interface.

SoftHome [WEB]

Storage: 6MB and 150 messages, 10MB per month transfer quota
Free, simple, web-based email service funded by sponsored advertising. Stored messages expire (time dependent on several factors), members must log in at least once every three months to keep their account active. Their paid plans offer POP3 and IMAP access, more storage, and superior Spam protection.

SoodoNims [WEB]

Attachments: 1MB
Free disposable email addresses. SoodoNims allows members to create up to 5 aliases, and will forward up to 50 messages per week to their chosen protected email address.

SpamAvert [WEB]

Message size: 100kB
Free, instant, anonymous, disposable web-based email addresses. New email accounts are deleted, along with their contents, after one day. [WEB]

Free email with photo storage. Basic web-based interface with quick sign-up, currently no further information or help facilities.


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