Free Webmail (Web-Based Email) Services T-Z

Email accounts that you access via a web browser

Teancum Mail [WEB]

Storage: 25MB
Free web-based email available exclusively to LDS Mormon Missionaries and Latter-day Saints Church members, aiming to provide LDS subscribers with an online community, and access to a searchable members directory.

VFEmail [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

Storage: 50MB
Free email service with web-based access, POP3 and IMAP support, plus SMTP service for outgoing email. VFEmail's security scans all incoming email and attachments for viruses and Spam before they reach the inbox, and potential viruses are blocked at the gateway. Their Web 2.0 based email client also includes an address book, which can be shared with other VFEmail users. The storage and monthly bandwidth quotas are both fixed at 50MB for free users, though premium upgrades are available.

WebMail [WEB] [POP3]

Storage: 1GB
Attachments: 10MB
Free email service based in South Africa. Members also have access to 10GB of free file storage, video and voice messaging, SMS messaging, and can have faxes sent to their inbox. Members must log into the website at least once every three months to keep their account active.

Yahoo! Mail [WEB]

Storage: unlimited
Attachments: 25MB
Free web based email service with an integrated instant messenger. Members can choose between the simple, fast loading Yahoo! Mail Classic, and the new, fully customisable Yahoo! Mail with optional add-on tools such as Flikr photo sharing and Picnik photo editing. Standard features include Spam and virus protection, SMS messaging, a calendar with automatic reminders, and the option of accessing emails from compatible mobile devices. For an annual fee, subscribers to Mail Plus can also enjoy POP3 access and mail forwarding services, and create disposable email addresses.


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