Free Anti Virus Scanning Tools

Online tools to help you keep your computer free of viruses

NOTE: Free online antivirus scanning tools will help you find out if you have any viruses or other security issues on your computer, but you'll usually have to subscribe to a paid antivirus service in order to fully disinfect your computer.

Avast Online Scanner

Avast's online scanner tool lets you check single files (up to 512kb in size) to see if they're infected by viruses. You have to upload the file to be checked to Avast's site in order to scan it.

BitDefender Online Scanner

Scan your system's memory, files and drive boot sectors to find out if they're infected with viruses.

Kaspersky Online Scanner

Online virus scanner that performs a "deep scan" of your computer to detect any viruses or spyware that may be lurking on it. Scans may take several hours to complete as they're very thorough.

McAfee FreeScan

Scan your computer for thousands of viruses, and find out more about any threats that are detected.

Trend Micro HouseCall Online Virus Scanner

Online tool to check whether your PC has been infected by viruses, spyware and other malware.


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