Email Change of Address Services

Stay in touch with your friends and family even if your email address changes

Email brings you and your family or friends closer, making it possible to keep in touch at the click of a button. However, it can be pretty tough keeping track of regular email address changes! Each job change, new school, or free email provider shutdown can mean yet another change of email address.

While they're by no means perfect, a number of change of email address services exist to help alleviate the problems caused by having to change email address, and to help you stay in touch.

Most change of address services work in a similar way: you register your old and new email addresses with the service, and then people who visit the site and enter your old email address will be shown your new one.

Since the registration process is free, you might as well register with all these services to maximize your chance of being able to help your friends and family track you down.


FreshAddress attempts to address the problem of losing contact with friends who change email addresses by offering a directory of old and new email addresses. The listings are searchable by name or by old email address. FreshAddress carries listings for over 3 million email addresses.


Get around the problem of a change of email address by listing both your old AND new addresses with this service.


With MailLocate, you can register your old email addresses and then people can come to the MailLocate site, search for your old address and find out your new one. Note that you can optionally choose to vet all requests for your new email address i.e. decide on a case by case basis who is allowed to view your new address.


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