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The brief story of the Free Email Address Directory

I started the Free Email Address Directory in January 1998 after noticing that free email services were exploding in popularity. In those heady pre-Bubble days, it seemed a new service was being launched practically every single week. Despite this, there was no central resource keeping track of the email services market... enter this site!

The site launched with a couple of hundred listings and was soon helping thousands of visitors a day find their way through the email jungle to find the most appropriate email service. These days, over a quarter of a million visitors a month come here to explore the email options open to them, from POP3 email to web-based email, IMAP mail or email forwarding services.

In response to market forces, the focus of this site has shifted away from its "free" roots to cover the entire email provider market, both free and for-fee. Coverage has also been extended to other types of free service, such as online fax services and free internet providers.

As well as the reviews, you can also enjoy how-to articles covering topics such as how to protect your email address from spam, and how to find the email address of a friend or family member.

The email-related discussion forums at EmailDiscussions.com were set up in mid-1999 to give site visitors an easy way to share their opinion of their favourite email services. Email service representatives frequently participate in the forums, providing support and information about upcoming service changes and product launches. Runbox and Fastmail have their own forums within EmailDiscussions.com, and there's a forum for Gmail users too.

I hope you'll find the email-related information you're looking for, and that you'll come back again soon.

Edwin Hayward


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