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This site lets you build group calendars which you can share with selected people or leave open to the world. You can add one-off and recurring events, and document entries with graphics, hyperlinks etc. You can also add pre-formatted entries such as holidays by selecting them from a menu. You can also add a calendar from Calendars.Net into your own site, and many customization options are available.


Sophisticated groupware service giving users access to a wealth of tools. As well as web-based email with 2MB storage capacity, ContactOffice includes an address book, a calendar, 1MB of document storage, a notepad, a bookmark manager, a to-do/task manager, reminders, and secure SSL access. Several premium service levels extend the storage space and feature-set significantly.


A very cute site (and "cute" is not a word I use lightly!) that lets you maintain your diary online. Your diary will be accessible via a short URL like You can either keep your diary private, or share it with others.


e2do offers a simple, uncluttered To Do list and calendar service, on a fast-loading site. You can set up to-do lists, and then fill each list with a number of to-do items, with an associated priority level. These to-do items automatically appear under the calendar view on the dates you allocate to them. You can choose to automatically share your to-do list with your choice of other e2do users.


eKnown is a powerful self-updating address book that you can use to keep track of all your contacts. eKnown users can opt to have changes in their contact details propagate automatically to other eKnown users who have them listed as contacts, in order to keep their records up to date.


Very attractively presented calendar and scheduler, which lets you organize your own time as well as set up group calendars and schedules which you can share with others.


A feature-rich diary, organizer and calendar service, which offers personal and group calendars, a contact manager, memo service, todo lists, and much more. It also features a reminder service that issues reminders by email, pager or fax (the latter is a premium service). You can password-protect your calendar if you want to restrict access to a small group, or open it to the world. HotDiary also makes it very easy to set up a calendar on your own site.


This free service lets you set up a secure calendar, contacts database, announcements board, document storage area, newsfeeds and more and share them with members of your workgroup. Also offers 25MB of free hosting space. Free for 30 day trial period.

Now you can set up your own calendar to record your schedule, and then - if you live in the US - you can automatically add "local events" to your calendar based on your ZIP code so that you'll know what's going on in your area every time you access your calendar. The calendar is very customizable, and you can even embed it in your own website. You can choose to operate your calendar in one of two modes, personal and group, with the group calendar being accessible to others.

My Dear Diary

My Dear Diary hosts free personal diaries, which let users share their thoughts, ideas and life stories while remaining safely anonymous. The diaries are searchable by a large number of criteria, and recently updated diaries are accessible from the main page of the site.

Yahoo! Calendar

Powerful calendaring facilities, including reminders and invitations, a personal to do list, synchronization with many popular PIM/PDA devices and packages, and much more. Also integrates with the Yahoo! Pager service. Note that you can opt to keep your calendar personal or create a group calendar for a club or association.


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