Check Your Email Online

These services let you check your email remotely, via the web


A very fast gateway that enables you to read your existing POP mailbox from any browser. You can also send messages from here. There is also a 128-bit encrypted version available for security-conscious users.

Mail Inspector

Mail Inspector is a Java application that downloads into your browser and simplifies the task of checking your existing POP3 mailbox from anywhere in the world. You can read your messages offline and then reply to them, choose to download just the headers of each message so that you can scan them quickly, and much more... Site in GERMAN.

Sophisticated web-based POP mail reader, with many options, including SSL access for added security, the ability to view and save attachments, an address book, and many advanced mail composition functions.

Net My Mail

Net My Mail enables you to retrieve email from any number of POP3 and IMAP mailboxes. You can also send outgoing messages in both HTML and plain-text format through the service, including attachments. The service also includes an address book and support for signatures.


In the name of making checking your POP mail even easier, Twigger is launching services in many countries around the world (when I reviewed their service, they covered Belgium, Germany, France, The Netherlands and the UK). Twigger lets you check your POP mail from any browser. The twist (that simplifies the process but also limits its utility) is that you choose your provider from a pull-down list. You can't specify your own provider information. So this is easier to use but less flexible than most of the other services on this page.


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