Listing a Service on this Site

Listing guidelines for submitting a service for review.

IMPORTANT: Submissions take a MINIMUM of 10 weeks to be processed. Yes, that's ten weeks!


1. We do NOT list sites powered by "generic" free email providers
Sites powered by BigMailbox, GoHip, Chek, I-P, ZapZoneNetwork (ZZN), MailStart Plus, Mr Post, Everyone.Net, EveryMail, Outblaze and other template-based providers will NOT BE LISTED. No exceptions, so please don't ask for one. Thank you!

2. We write the reviews
We visit each site individually to write a review. While we're happy to receive detailed information about the features of a particular service (this makes the review process easier), we retain 100% editorial control over the content of all reviews.

3. Non-English sites must meet additional listing requirements
If the site you are submitting is not in English (or French) then you must submit a detailed list of features in English at the time you submit the site for review.

4. We reserve the right to deny ANY site for ANY reason, without explanation
We will not list sites with adult content, adult-oriented advertising or clear links to adult sites. We will not list sites which we believe may be defamatory or illegal. We will not list sites that are clearly "unfinished" (broken links, missing graphics, no content, "under construction" signs etc.) We may decline to list any site for any reason, and we have no obligation to list any particular site.

5. We generally do not advise sites of acceptance or rejection
Please revisit this site in a few weeks to check that the site you submitted has been listed. If at least 10 full weeks have passed, and you are certain that your site meets ALL the submission guidelines then please feel free to submit it again.

6. We reserve the right to change these Submission Guidelines without notice
The listing criteria for this site may change at any time, and we may change or disregard them without notice.

If your suggested site meets ALL the above guidelines, please send details of the new service (remember to include the full URL!) to: (Edwin Hayward)


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