Regional Email Directories

These email directories focus on a specific country or region

people search by Spokeo


The largest email and GSM directory in Belgium


Directory of Finnish email addresses


Australian business & personal email directory


Email directory for Ireland, which also offers the possibility of anonymous listing by letting others email you using E-Search as an intermediary.


Billed as the "World's Biggest Chinese people finder", Look4U allows searches in English or Chinese (Big5 or GB formats)

Nantucket.Net Email Directory

Email addresses on Nantucket Island, Massachussets, USA


Directory of email addresses in Newfoundland

Perth Email Database

Western Australian business & personal email directory

Swiss Email Directory

A directory of email addresses for people living in Switzerland.

Germany's largest email directory, with 200,000 listings searchable according to various criteria.

Swaziland Email Directory

Personal and business email addresses in Swaziland


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