Russian Free Email Providers

The following providers offer their services in Russian

Ay [WEB] [POP]
Free email service 2MB storage space, POP/SMTP and web-based access. Even works with the Lynx web browser.

Gomail [WEB] [POP]
Free Ukrainian email service, in Russian, includes free SMS messaging and virus checking of email messages - note that the server is situated in the US, for additional speed.

Halyava [POP]

Free email service with 1MB storage space.

iMail [WEB] [POP]
Free email service powered by Commtouch [WEB] [POP] [FORWARD]

Mail15 [POP3] [IMAP] [WEB]

Free email service with web-based, POP3 and IMAP access, and outgoing SMTP support. Accounts come with 15MB of storage space, and there is a limit of 10MB for any given attachment. Service also includes anti-spam filtering and an address book. [WEB] [POP]
This service offers a choice of POP or Web interfaces.

Novaya Pochta [WEB],
Free email service with 16MB of storage space for keeping messages. The domain name choices it offers is likely to raise a few eyebrows over in Redmond... [WEB] [POP],,
This service supports web-based access and both POP and SMTP services. [WEB] [POP]

Free email service with 1MB storage space.

Z-Mail [WEB] [POP],,,,
Free email service with filters, ability to check existing email addresses, and a choice of domain names, including the mysteriously self-referrential!


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